View Full Version : Links to Sites About Russian Vehicles

  1. Russian Pedal Cars for Children.
  2. A Very Informative Volga M-21/22 Website.
  3. AutoSoviet, an excellent resource.
  4. Gaz M20 Pobeda, Website
  5. ZAZ Zaporozhets link.
  6. GAZ-13 Chaika Website.
  7. SovAvto, Catalog of Soviet Cars
  8. Link to Site for Russian Motorcycles.
  9. Link to new site of a blog titled Old Russian Cars!
  10. Links to Articles Outside of the Forum
  11. Link to a site on 310221 Volga! (In Russian only)
  12. Russian Cars Forum - listed here at this site in a web directory!
  13. Blog about rare soviet cars (in russian + google translator)
  14. UAZ Sites
  15. Japan Lada Niva Enthusiast Club
  16. Niva Club Ecuador
  17. Niva Club Peru
  18. Parts http://www.retroimperia.com/
  19. http://www.retrodetal.ru/ Old Timer parts
  20. Old Timer parts http://avtoclassika.com/
  21. Links about racing in the USSR
  22. website about my car
  23. tons of high quality photos on this great website about Volga Gaz-21
  24. Russian car dump
  25. eastcars.ee
  26. GAZ 21 Limo with GAZ 24 center
  27. Russische Klassieker Club Nederland
  28. www.volga.nl