1983 Volga 3102
Owner av8or1

Vehicle 1983 Volga 3102
Engine Type 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class Full-size Luxury
Color Black
Updated 07-17-2011 10:43 AM
Mileage 65,000 Miles
Purchase Date 12-06-2009
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This is my 1983 GAZ Volga 3102. It is number 2015 of 2135 made in 1983. Futhermore it was manufactured with the purpose of being an official vehicle of the Soviet government. It was never intended to be owned by a civilian. A few quick facts:

* Model 24 front end
* Model 3110 interior (that is Salon)
* Front disc brakes - rear drum brakes.
* Transmission - 5 speed manual
* Engine 402 serial standard model 24 type.
* Engine was replaced in 2007 and has only 10,000 km
* Has alarm.
* Electric mirrors.
* Central door locks.
* Front windows electric. Back windows not electric.
* No rust and never wrecked
* No body putty
* No filler
* No Chinese parts
* Only Russian parts used
* 75 liter fuel tank
* Headlight washer system
* Power electric antenna
* Electric rear window defrost

The body of car is 1983 but all parts that do not have numbers have been replaced. The replacement parts are all from a much newer model but of course they are the same because the car literally never changes.

The restoration was total replacement of all rusted parts. No rot in floor board. This car was not intended to be a taxi, only an officials car. This car had an upgraded 3110 interior put in it by the father and it is in excellent shape. The upgrade on a car like this in Russia is considered more than acceptable and is expected for anyone to do if they are keeping the car for any length of time. In other words the dad liked the car and put in an interior that shows that.

My 3102 belonged to a provincial Russian police officer and was issued to that officer as an official Soviet Union Government vehicle. That is, this car was in an upper Soviet / Russia government organization for the first 10 years of its life. The police officer who drove it during that time became the proud owner after the fall of the USSR. He bought it upon decomissioning. He then put the car in a storage garage for 10 years. During that 10 years the he rebuilt the car.

This police officer gave his car to his son who, in 2003 was old enough to drive. I purchased it from the son - who is also a Russian police officer - and imported it privately into the USA.

Importation Information
There was a vehicle shipping company in Vladimir so I used them to ship my Volga to TEXAS. They transported my 3102 to Kotka, Finland and contracted with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to make the voyage across the Atlantic. It was loaded into its own container (#MEDU2774159) and left Kotka on December 22, 2009.

The initial journey was from Kotka to Bremerhaven, Germany. The vessel's name who carried her was the Barmbek. Once in Bremerhaven, the container was unloaded and then reloaded onto the MSC Tokyo for the remainder of the journey. The final destination was the International shipping port in Houston TEXAS, where my Volga arrived on January 29, 2010. I took delivery at the shipping office on February 2, 2010 and trailered it back to Austin that same day. It's first full night on American soil was spent inside my garage.

Cars N Coffee, Austin, TEXAS - January 2011

To-Do List
Finish the friggin restoration: