1999 Volga 3110 - "Pobedovod"
Owner Pobedovod

Vehicle 1999 Volga 3110
Engine Type 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class Full-size Luxury
Color Green
Updated 08-23-2011 07:10 AM
Mileage 220,000 Kilometres
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GAZ-3110 Volga of 1999 of release. The engine - ZMZ-406.2. The luxury version.
1)Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.
2)The wheel hydraulic booster
3)Electric rear window defrost
4)Transmission - 5 speed manual

I own three years the Volga (the second owner).
Has changed rear-view mirrors (has put standard, for a photo still tuning).
Has repaired the muffler (has rotted through from a body, has made).
The native plafond, as they say at us, "was covered with a copper basin", that is has broken. Has made the, on light-emitting diodes.

User Posted Date Comments
Pobedovod- Really beautiful 3110! And thank you for adding it to our garage! Post even more pictures when you can. How long have you owned this Volga? Have you done any modifications to it? If so, what?
How long do you plan on keeping this 3110?