Hi gang!

Ok due to the emails I have received asking that I recreate this thread, I am taking the time tonight to do just that. Don't know how far I'll get in one sitting but let this be my start, at least. Sorry for the delay in doing so, but I am in the process of buying a house (I close next month), work has been crazy-busy and my side-work has picked up lately too. Then there have been a few personal things going on to boot. (I am now engaged...yikes!)

A few notes/disclaimers:
  • I prefer to keep the individual posts somewhat short, focusing on one primary subject usually (though not always) for the sake of making them "easier to digest" for potential readers
  • Thus you will see many rather short-length posts rather than a few lengthy ones
  • The effort I am expending in posting this thread is meant primarily to help others, should they decide to embark upon a similar journey of buying a car and importing it from Russia (or Ukraine/the Eastern block, or thereabouts)
  • Secondarily, as an engineer, I like to document my "more interesting" exploits so that I can look back on them later and "enjoy re-living the journey once again" , be it for good or bad and thus the "diary" style approach that I will take to recording the events of the endeavor
  • I make no guarantees about anything other than what I post was/is accurate at the time I posted it (ergo, no exaggerations or BS)
So sit back and enjoy the show, it's been an interesting ride thus far let me tell ya what!

And with that here we go!