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    Well you have likely read my search for a Volga thread and possibly my life with a Volga thread. However I thought I would start a new one that was devoted to the restoration work that I have planned for my 3102. I decided to put it in this category because it seemed the most appropriate, as it will be a story in and of itself.

    After I came home from work, I began by taking her out for one last drive prior to beginning the teardown. She did well. The alarm that was installed sure leaves something to be desired however and so that alarm will not be returning when I begin the reassembly phase. I invited my wife to come along and surprisingly, she accepted. After driving around for 15 minutes or so and listening to me blab on and on about the virtues of my Volga, she actually started to come around! She actually said that she liked it, though I couldn't tell just how honest she was being, but even that is major progress with her. :-) We stopped off for vanilla milkshakes and then headed back home. It was a good last outing for a while.

    So anyway. After returning home I decided that I wanted to do a compression check before disassembling anything. From front to back, I got these values for the readings:

    CYLINDER READING (psi) (bar)

    1 99 (6.826)
    2 97 (6.688)
    3 100 (6.895)
    4 101 (6.964)

    So the range is ok, but I don't have an FSM to compare them against. Anyone know if these are good or bad for a standard 4021 series engine?

    Some other issues that pique my interest and that are high on my priority list of things to address:

    1) I noticed a while back that the left rear quarter panel of my 3102 seems to be out-of-spec. If you look down the sight line of the top of the body, it doesn't line up with the rear passenger door, though that door closes ok.

    2) Related to the above, the seam of the trunk lid doesn't line up correctly with the body on the driver's side, but it does on the passenger side. It's almost like there was some damage there at one point, but my contact in Moscow reported that the sellers stated that there was no damage history. So we'll see once I can get a closer look. But something has to be done, I just can't leave it like that.

    3) The left rear also seems to ride lower than the right rear. After a quick inspection, it appears to simply be an issue with the leafs on the left, but I won't know until I can take it all apart. This too is something that I will correct; cannot leave it alone.

    I couldn't get too far into the teardown tonight, I just had too many honey-dos. Photos attached.


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