Ok, seeing as how other forums of which I am a member have ran into issues with folk abusing the classifieds section, I am establishing a set of guidelines/rules to follow when posting any ad in our Russian cars forum. Please follow these rules to avoid spam/unwanted posts. We will be monitoring the activity herein and removing offending posts.

You have been warned.

Rules to observe when posting:

1) Choose the correct prefix that is applicable to your ad type and place it as the first word in the title/subject of your post. A list of prefixes follows:

A good example of a title/subject for an ad follows:

FOR SALE: 1974 GAZ 2410, low mileage, good condition (RU)

2) List the state or country in which you live. Examples: TEXAS or TX, New York or NY, California or CA, Russia or RU.

3) List the asking price for the vehicle or parts you have for sale. Keep your ad Russian car related. Please do not try to sell a toaster in our forum, thank you.

4) Do not sell for a friend.

5) Do not write a "feeler" or "make me an offer" ads. List a specific price for each specific part or vehicle.

6) Do NOT link your ad to any eBay or craigslist type websites where your parts or vehicle(s) is (are) also being sold.

7) Do NOT ask a buyer to pay PayPal fees, handling fees, or any other surcharges.

8) D0 NOT open a new thread to sell a vehicle or parts that you already listed in another thread that is less than 3 months old. Give it time before you re-post.

9) Specify the way that you want folk who are interested in your ad to contact you. Acceptable examples are via our forum's private messaging service, email addresses or telephone numbers. Please refrain from listing a physical address directly in your ad. It is acceptable to provide to a customer/buyer if you are asked for it, but do not make it readily available in your advertising post.

10) Do NOT combine multiple vehicles for sale or dissimilar parts into one ad. Keep your ad as focused and specific as is reasonably possible.

11) Vendors are welcome to post, but I will be verifying the validity of all vendors in our forum and making a report on them. I will post that report as a sticky in this section so that other members can contact the vendor, so long as that vendor is reputable and valid. Unscrupulous vendors will be removed. If you are a vendor seeking to sell Russian car related products, welcome. Please follow the rules.

Good luck with your selling/buying endeavors. We aim to help.