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Thread: Melbourne to Moscow in a 1913 Model T Model

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    I had over for dinner last night, the guy (Constantine) that drove ths Model T Ford from Melbourne to Moscow 2 years ago. Fascinating tales he had to tell.
    His "T" is currently in Crimea, where he mainly resides these days. He has come back to Melbourne for a few months to take care of personal stuff.

    The hospitality he encountered everywhere along the way was truly wonderful. People often buying him gasoline, putting him up in accommodation. In one place, police (un-requested) followed him as a safety escort for 300km to make sure he got safely to where he was going. In Africa where most people have no access to TV, media etc. they had no idea what this contraption was. Many thought it was some form of motorcycle because of the skinny tires. In Malawi, a policeman even hitched a long ride with him as it was extremely difficult to get any gasoline for anyone.

    When he arrived at Red Square (just outside St Basil's Cathedral) police stopped him short of going into the square itself. When he explained in his broken Russian that he had just traveled from Australia via Africa, they let him graciously in for his photo opportunity.

    He imported his Model T into Australia from Ohio, via New Jersey. He had no ownership of an old car like this before and he is not that highly mechanically minded either. His trip had no sponsorship either.

    It was great to finally meet him and we agreed to do some Volga trips together while he is here.

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    Great story, respect!
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