Well a lot more than I thought, while researching the import
process, and simultaneously searching for my Pobeda, I've come across a few
Russian cars that were already here, and since the Volga seems to be the most
popular Russian import lets start with the .
I'll be mentioning names and posting pictures that were already published either
in magazine or newspaper articles or by the owners themselves. Lets start with Gary
Shikhman' s Volga in , by the way that is
not the only Volga in .

There is also a Volga in

Source http://www.kanjidic.com/Gaz21/Boston/index.html

Lets fly over to the west, ,
the author of this site has three of them http://www.myvolga.com/

There is also a M21 in ,
check out the owner's website http://myrussiancars.com/ he has a Pobeda also

Vitaly Yazvin of Irvine California owns a 1967 , I don't have pictures of it

And this car recently appeared in my town, I got a chance to
see and touch the car in person